Species and methods of sea urchins

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hemicentrotus pulcherrimus

The sea urchin is a small sea urchin, which comes from the genus sea urchin in the family strongylidae. Mainly produced in the south of Hokkaido, Japan, Honshu and Kyushu waters, Korean Peninsula and China's coastal areas have a small amount of production. Generally, the individual is only about 4 cm in diameter, the shell is about 2 cm thick, and the spines on the shell are short and dense. Most of the shells of sea urchins are yellowish green, and a few are grayish white and brown. It's called horse dung sea urchin because it looks like a small lump of horse dung.

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Although the appearance of the sea urchin is not good-looking, the yellow sea urchin is amazing. It is bright orange, rich taste, sweet and delicious. On the one hand, its special name is closely related to its high quality.

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strongylocentrotus intermedius

It is often said that the Hokkaido horse dung sea urchin, actually refers to the shrimp Yima dung sea urchin. The sea urchin is related to the sea urchin, but it is not the same species and needs to be distinguished. The appearance of the sea urchin is similar to that of the sea urchin, but it is larger, about 7 cm in diameter, and its shell is red. It is mainly found in Hokkaido, Japan, Korean Peninsula, Northeast China and Russia.

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The gonad of the sea urchin is orange red, so it is also called red sea urchin in Japan. Its taste is rich and sweet, very impact, so it is loved by people.

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Purple sea urchin

Purple sea urchin belongs to the genus purple sea urchin of sea urchin family, with a diameter of about 5-7 cm. It is the most common sea urchin species in Japan. It can be found from central Honshu to Kyushu in Japan, and also in southeast coastal areas of China and Taiwan. The best time to eat purple sea urchin is from late spring to summer. It should be noted that sea urchins from North Korea or Dalian are not purple sea urchins.

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Purple sea urchin sea urchin is yellow to orange, with clear surface particles. One petal is about the size of a little finger. It doesn't need to add any seasoning when eating. It tastes light and sweet, with natural ocean flavor, light and smooth texture. The color and flavor of purple sea urchins from different regions are slightly different, and the color and flavor of purple sea urchins from western Japan are deeper and stronger.

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North purple sea urchin

North purple sea urchin, also known as light Echinococcus, Dalian purple sea urchin, belongs to the sea urchin family. It is similar to the purple sea urchin in appearance, but it is larger with a shell diameter of about 10 cm. It lives in the areas north of SUMO Bay on the Pacific side of Japan, north of the sea of Japan in Hokkaido, and also in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast China. The famous producing areas are Beisanlu, Iwate County, Dajian, Aomori county and Hokkaido.

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North purple sea urchins are usually pale yellow, also known as white sea urchins because of their lighter color. The season is usually summer. The taste is elegant and delicate, the taste is fresh, and the sweetness is not high.

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Red sea urchin

The red sea urchin belongs to the genus red sea urchin. The shell is reddish brown in color and 5-7 cm in diameter. It is mainly distributed from Tokyo Bay to Kyushu. The output is relatively rare and rare in the market.

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The gonads of the red sea urchin are usually light yellow, with thin glands, but the flavor is very rich, sweet with a trace of bitterness. Red sea urchin is regarded as a high-quality sea urchin and is sought after.

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How to eat sea urchins

Although both male and female sea urchins have golden sea urchin yellow, real gourmands will distinguish male and female before eating. Generally speaking, the gonad color of male sea urchin is lighter than that of female sea urchin; The gonad shape of male sea urchin is more rigid and not easy to deform, while that of female sea urchin is easy to collapse and deform; Male sea urchins usually have more delicious amino acids than female sea urchins

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Fresh sea urchin yellow is usually packed in wooden boxes, because wooden boxes can not only absorb water, but also keep heat and insulation, which is the best way to preserve sea urchins. There is no need to say more about the sweetness of sea urchin. Its touch in the mouth is often described as "fragrant French tongue kiss", which can make people confused.

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The best way to eat sea urchin is to directly make sashimi. It is fresh and sweet enough to make people feel delicious without any seasoning.

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It can also be made into sushi, which is usually made into warships. A good cook can also make sushi into sushi, which is more delicious with vinegar rice and a small amount of mustard and soy sauce.

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Of course, the most touching is the bowl of sea urchin rice. The fragrant and glutinous white rice sets off the bowl full of sea urchin yellow. The color is really attractive. After a bite, the warm and fragrant glutinous rice and the cool and fresh sea urchin yellow melt into the tip of the tongue and fill the mouth instantly. Some people say it's a tearful bowl of rice. It's really honest.

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And sea urchin miscellaneous cooking, that pot of soup is so delicious that you can't believe it!

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The sea urchin roasted with milk, the sea urchin with outstanding freshness and thick cheese are roasted together, giving off incomparable sweetness

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Chinese food is also very good, this is the famous sea urchin steamed eggs.

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Sea urchin casserole tofu

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Fried rice with sea urchin

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