Medicinal value of sea urchin

Issuing time:2021-06-21 09:43

Nutritional value of sea urchin

The nutritional value of sea urchin is very high, not only the content of protein is high, but also vitamin A, D, various amino acids, phosphorus, iron, calcium and other nutrients are rich. But it should be noted that the fat of sea urchin is more, so it is recommended that the amount is appropriate when eating, not excessive. In addition, the fatty acids in sea urchins are better for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Efficacy and function of sea urchin

1. Sea urchin has high medicinal value: in fact, sea urchin is not only a delicious food, but also a very valuable medicinal material,. In traditional Chinese medicine, sea urchin has the function of resolving phlegm and detumescence. The function of softening hard and dispersing knot. In addition, the shell of sea urchin and sea urchin thorn can treat duodenal ulcer and otitis media;

2. Sea urchin has a high therapeutic value: generally, it has a greater effect on male friends, because it has the function of strengthening yang and can help men improve their sexual function. At the same time, protein and phosphonic acid in sea urchin can improve human immunity and prevent arteriosclerosis. It's also good food for old friends.

3. Can reduce cholesterol: research shows that sea urchin can play a good role in reducing triglycerides in the body, so as to improve the body's immunity;

4. Can help improve intelligence: because the protein content of sea urchin is relatively high, this material can promote intelligence development;

5. Can prevent cardiovascular disease: because there are 17 kinds of amino acids in sea urchin, and the quality is relatively good, it has a good effect on the prevention of cardiovascular disease;

6. Can nourish the body: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sea urchin has the function of benefiting the heart and nourishing blood, so it is regarded as a good tonic by many people.

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