How to eat sea urchin

Issuing time:2021-06-21 10:04

Sea urchin is a kind of seafood with thorns on the surface, but it is rare in the inland. Many people don't know how to eat it. They don't know how to make sea urchin the most delicious. Today I will write out all the eating methods of sea urchin. If you want to eat sea urchin, you can focus on it.

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How to eat sea urchins

There are many different ways to eat sea urchins. At ordinary times, you can choose fresh sea urchins, or processed sea urchin eggs or sea urchin yellow. They can be steamed and eaten. They can also be made into delicious cold dishes or soup for people to eat, which can make people taste the delicious taste of sea urchin.

How to eat sea urchin

Fried rice with sea urchin

1. Sea urchin fried rice is very delicious. It needs three or four sea urchins, a bowl of rice, basil leaves, 15 grams of sweet vinegar and ginger, 5 grams of salt and 1 spoonful of white pepper.

2. Add appropriate amount of water to the rice, boil it for another 15 minutes, remove the shell of sea urchin, add it to the cooked rice, mix well, cook it for 5 minutes with medium heat, and finally add other prepared seasonings. After mixing well, just take it out of the pot.

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Steamed egg with sea urchin

1. Sea urchin steamed eggs are also very delicious. When making, prepare 300 grams of sea urchin yellow and three eggs. Knock the eggs into a bowl, add appropriate amount of water, mix them well, and then break them up. Put them in a steamer to steam.

2. Steam until the chicken is ripe, that is, just solidified, then add the prepared sea urchin yellow, continue to steam for five minutes, steam until the gall yellow changes color and hardens, take it out directly, and add a small amount of sesame oil to improve the flavor.

Steamed sea urchin

The sea urchin is suitable for eating after steaming. When steaming the sea urchin, wash it, open it with professional tools, and then steam it in a steamer. After boiling, steam it over medium heat for 15 minutes. After steaming, take out the sea urchin. Mix a small amount of vinegar and soy sauce with ginger juice to make the sauce. The Yellow Sea Urchin that you take out will taste very good.

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